Samantha and Johnathan Kempson – 21st June 2023

Tell Us How You Met and All About Your Proposal …

We met at primary school. Age 5 we were the best of friends. Jon and I dated in our late teens and early 20’s and then our lives took different turns. We stayed friends but both were with other people. Jon had two children and I longed for a family but I’d never found my ‘one.’ Life went on until one day he turned up out of the blue (and single) and we knew it was now or never to rekindle what we had both been missing. We were blessed with our little boy in 2020 and finally got married in 2023 somewhat 30+ years after having first met.

One afternoon whilst discussing options for a feature wall in our home I’d suggested trying to create something like scrabble tiles that would interlink our names along with the three children. Off he goes and comes back with a drawn up sketch of exactly this with all our names entwined around his surname. Upon scanning it my words to him were “it’s lovely but I’m not a Kempson” and his reply…? “but will you be? Will you be my wife” He got on one knee and pulled out the most perfect ring!! 💍 all while I’m bawling with our child asleep in my arms.

Let’s Talk About The Dress And Your Journey …

I didn’t want finding my dress to become a chore, or have the stress of the date getting closer and still not finding the one. So I took to the web to browse styles. I found one that looked gorgeous and SCB had one for me to look at. I instantly fell in love with it and knew that was the one I had to have. SCB made it happen and were even able to get it for me in a slightly different colour to the one that I tried on but it was exactly what I wanted. I felt dedicated to by all the ladies in store.

All I knew is that I needed a dress that had straps. Our little boy was 2 at the time of the wedding and he is very Mama clingy so I knew anything strapless just wouldn’t do the job. Everything else I was open to but noting compared to the first dress I was shown at SCB.

We got married in a castle so I needed to feel like a princess. This dress made me feel like a queen!


How Did Your Partner React When They Saw You In Your Dress …

Jon thought my dress was perfect. And even now our little one still calls our wedding photos ‘pictures of mummy as a princess.’

Where Was Your Venue And What Made You Choose The Venue …

Jon had fallen in love with Rowton even before the proposal or stepping foot through the door. He took me to see it and I fell in love too. The driveway entrance had me in floods of tears so we both knew that this was our place!

Are There Any Special Memories You Would Like To Share From Your Special Day …

8 months on and the day is still a blur to us both. Jon because he drank too much and I because I was responsible for looking after the children. Yes even on my big day, being a Mama comes first.

Tell Us About Your Wedding Colour And Theme …

We chose emerald green for our colour scheme as it was Jons Nana’s favourite colour and one we both love too. She passed a year after we rekindled our relationship so it was our way of incorporating her into our big day

How Did You Make Your Day Unique To Your Love Story …

Our buttonhole flowers were the same as my Mum and Dad had at their wedding some 36 years ago.

Did You Have A First Dance, What Song Did You Go For …

Our first dance song was ‘You are the reason’ quite simply because he is my reason…. for everything. For 30+ years we’ve been in and out of each others lives because we are each others reason. He is the reason my life is so perfect.

Suppliers …

Photographer: @darrenharveyphoto

Venue: Rowton Castle

Hair Stylists and MUA: @flutterleebeauty

Cake: @perfectplumcakes

Entertainment: @thedreamersduo

Both my hair/make up artist and our entertainers are friends of mine and we wanted to use ‘our people’ for as much as we could for our big day as they are the people who stand by us daily so in effect they help to make the day happen to begin with. 

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