Shoes, Glorious, Shoes!

Sep 9, 2022

We all love shoe shopping, right?

Well, when it comes to your wedding shoes, we’ve got you covered. We can find you some shoes that you will love (just maybe not as much as your wedding dress). We’ve all been there, we fall in love with a gorgeous pair of shoes only to wear them for half an hour and feel like they are destroying your feet. So, there are a few things bear in mind when shopping for Wedding shoes. These shoes aren’t just for any old social engagement, so why not look at our tips for shoe shopping for your Wedding Shoes.

With anything set yourself a budget. Whilst you might want a pair of Jimmy Choos or Louboutin your budget might not stretch that far. If it does then great, go for it, but if it doesn’t then that’s ok too.

Decide on your heel height and style. You don’t want to be towering over your partner on the big day, but you also need to feel confident. There is no need to compromise style for comfort these days and if it’s a heel that gives you good posture and confidence then heels are the way too go. There are several stylish bridal shoes in beautiful materials in a range of heel heights and flats too never compromising on comfort.

From beautiful bridal sneakers in unlined ivory lace, to high block heels in luxury ivory satin and lace, we have a variety of shoes for you to choose from. Remember though the higher the heel, the more pressure you put on the ball of your foot. So, a low-mid height with a block heel will keep you on your feet longer and dancing all night long. Your venue will also play a part in what heel height you choose. It might be easy to glide down a church aisle in high heels, but have you ever tried walking through sand on a beach or stones in stilettos?

Whilst it’s best to find your dream dress before deciding on your bridal shoe, you should be thinking about key styles at the same time, not just because you need to choose shoes that compliment your dress, but because you will need them for your first alterations. Your seamstress will need the exact height of your shoes to adjust the length of your dress to create a perfectly all together look.

Think of your wedding shoes as an accessory. Do you love them? Are they comfy? Whether you go for a block heel, sensible flats or stilettos make sure you wedding shoe is an accessory you’re excited about wearing.

Here at SCB we have recently teamed up with the Perfect Bridal Company and stock their stunning range of beautiful bridal and occasion shoes. Alongside Perfect Bridal Company, we also showcase the well-known Rainbow Club shoes in our showroom, with ‘Bliss Comfort’ padded linings helping you ‘walk on air’. So, whether you’re after something a little quirky or something more classic, we have a broad range of styles to suit all brides.

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