What Do We Need To Know

Apr 1, 2023

We love hearing all about the exciting wedding plans and ideas you brides have for your big day. There are lots of things that we might need to consider when you walk into our Showroom, but we wanted to get the ball rolling with these three things you don’t want to overlook!

Styled Photoshoot at Burlton Manor

1 – Date and Location, location, location

So, when and where are you getting married? What venue have you picked? What is it like? Are you going to be inside or outside? What is the ground like? Will you be doing much walking between areas? What vibe are you trying to create on that day? Do you have a theme or particular style that you are working towards? It’s helpful for us to know because it has the potential to play a part in your dress choice!

2 – Wedding dress budget

We also obviously need to think about budget. Now, I know a lot of you out there have no idea about budget on wedding gowns, but just as a little insight, within our showroom, the dresses that we order range from about £1000 going up over to £3,000.

But of course, we have our sample dresses as low as £300 – £400 moving upwards.

So, we do cater for every budget.

Styled Photoshoot at Burlton Manor
Styled Photoshoot at Burlton Manor

3 – Special requirements

Are you doing anything out of the ordinary with your gown? Give us an insight into the vision for your Wedding day. We’ve had girls riding in on horseback and brides arriving to their wedding in tractors! Or are you planning the dirty dancing lift? Or barefoot on the beach in a cave?

We know that some of you ladies have some less than conventional plans for your big days and we want to work with you to make your dreams a reality!

When looking for the right dress for you, we need to take everything into consideration.

Give us a call if you have any other questions or concerns regarding your exciting wedding plans. So, girls don’t muddle along out there, book your visit and let’s start trying on those gowns!

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