Top Tips for Winter Wedding

Dec 20, 2022

If you’d asked me when I got engaged, ‘Would you have a Winter wedding?’, the answer would most definitely have been a resounding ‘no’! Anyone that knows me knows I’m always cold and the idea of shivering on my wedding day is just not my idea of happy ever after. However, since researching into the magic that is getting married in Winter, I think I’ve changed my mind!

More and more brides are choosing to tie the knot ‘out of season’ and opting for a wedding during the cooler months. Not only is there an opportunity for warmer palette tones, but cosy food and drinks (how about Irish cream hot chocolates or Mulled wine) and the chance of a snowy, picturesque landscape as the backdrop for your wedding photos.

Top Tips for Winter Wedding

Winter weddings can be beautiful and magical and finding a winter wedding dress does not need to be a challenge. Hopefully some of my styles and tips below will show you there is nothing to worry about when it comes to planning your winter wedding day look. Don’t think that because you are getting married in Winter you need to compromise your dream look, adapt your accessories and finishing touches to create your final look.

Firstly, where do we start with fabrics? You could be thinking thicker fabrics like Mikado or a multi-layered skirt, as well as silk or satin gowns which could be perfect options for your winter wedding. A two-layered skirt with an underlay is a good choice with added lace to the bodice or skirt. What about necklines, well you’ve got the pick! Anything goes, you could choose Bardot, strapless, v-neck, plunge or even a high neck, which all work well for a winter weddings and high necks are looking to be totally on trend for 2023/2024.

Top Tips for Winter Wedding

Many brides love the idea of a long-sleeved wedding dress in theory and if you’re considering a Winter wedding you can absolutely achieve that look. There are many options to consider when it comes to a sleeve, think classic, or opt for a lighter coverage with lace sleeves to delicately cover your arms. Remember sleeves will almost always have to be altered to fit properly. Or another option would be to have them detachable, one look for the day and then another for the evening. Most dresses can also have sleeves added to them so if you do fall in love with a dress without, we can have a chat about adding them. Or have you considered a jacket maybe?

Top Tips for Winter Wedding

One thing you can’t control on your big day is the weather, so be prepared. Have shrugs, blankets, pashminas, and umbrellas at the ready to keep your bridesmaids and guests cosy and comfortable and all will be fine. You could even match them to your wedding colour theme or think neutrals with a splash of colour. Open toe sandals might be a must for some but why not think about alternative options such as winter booties or even trainers?

Top Tips for Winter Wedding

But, what about if you’ve already bought your wedding dress with a summer wedding in mind and now you’ve changed to a Winter wedding, can you still wear it? Of course! With so many brides having to post-pone their weddings in recent years this is something we’ve had to overcome. There are lots of options available to you, maybe a jacket, either an exquisite lace number over the top or even underneath your dress, maybe add some sleeves or even a bolero to keep off the chill

Christmas always makes me think of sparkles and twinkles and if you can’t indulge in a bit of sparkle at this time of year, then when can you? Look for crystals, beads and sequins that will sparkle under the fairy lights and twinkle in the moonlight. Talking of fairy lights, they can create such a romantic backdrop when it comes to a wedding!

Top Tips for Winter Wedding

Don’t forget to think about your colour schemes for a wintery wedding. If you are thinking of the festive months, venues may have already dressed their locations which may have an impact on your decision making when it comes to the colour palettes for your big day.

Many venues will opt for richer, jewel tones, or possibly metallic silvers and golds so make sure you check in with them prior to complement your vision. When thinking of bridesmaids’ colour, seasonal colours such as reds, emerald greens and navy are popular choices for this time of year. For a more glamours look, don’t be afraid of black! Black and White combos are stunningly effective.

So, I hope you enjoy planning your Winter Wedding and be sure to send us some pictures of the big day

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