Two dresses, which to pick?

Feb 1, 2023

So, the wedding planning has officially started: venue booked, date secured, vendors selected, and you’ve made that all important appointment with us here at SCB.

We’ve listened, we’ve pulled dress after dress, and now you’ve narrowed your favourites down to two stunning, beautiful wedding dresses.

The question is, which gown do you choose? It’s not always an easy decision but hopefully here’s a few ideas on what to do if you are torn between two wedding dresses that you love but for different reasons.

Try and retry the final two on again. As you do, talk about of the bits you absolutely love and the ones you’re unsure about.

If there is nothing on the wedding dress you would change, then realistically I think you may have just found yourself a winner!

If both wedding dresses have details, you like and don’t like, talk to us about how it could possibly be changed and whether financially and realistically this is an option.

Don’t forget alterations are in addition to your dress so make sure you factor this into your budget.

When you rate your two dresses more than likely, one dress will come out scoring slightly higher than the other, an indication that this is ‘the one’.

What do your entourage think? Listen to your bridal stylist and to what your entourage have to say about both.

Your bridal party know your normal style and what you were thinking of for your wedding dress but getting the perspective of an outsider might give you the objective opinion you need.

We have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge so are well-equipped to give good advice.

Sometimes you may need to stop and think about the finer details of your wedding day and not always just the dress.

Don’t forget to consider the timing of your wedding, the venue, possibly your theme. All these factors can help you determine which of the wedding dresses is most suitable for the occasion.

Leaf details would look perfect for an autumnal wedding. Are you considering sleeves? Maybe you’re having a beach wedding and want something a little more floaty?

Or a formal, elegant church wedding? For an evening party, you may like to add a little sparkle.


Have you decided on your hairstyle and accessories yet? Your hairstyle may impact the style of a dress, up do or loose and wavy may lend better to different designs.

Or why not just get them both! If budget allows it, then it may be an option. We get it, most brides can’t really afford it, but what’s more fun than an outfit change?!

Pick the wedding dress with the longer train or demure detail for the ceremony and swap it for the more glamorous option for your reception.

But sometimes you just need to trust your gut. We advise brides to give themselves enough time to dress shop that they are not felt under pressure to decide. Above all, trust your instincts and listen to yourself and how the dress makes ‘You’ feel! Do what you feel happiest in!

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