Your Dress Journey

Mar 1, 2023

Below, we break down every step, from your first call right up to the day you receive your gown!


How do you get an appointment with us?

 Firstly, you can book online, click below to see our online bookings form. Here we will ask you a few basic questions to give us an idea of what you are after! Alternately, you can pick up the phone and give us a call on 01694 771470. We know that some of you ladies prefer to speak to someone, maybe you have a couple of questions, we are here for you. We will then book a suitable date and time for you.

Weekends are obviously prime appointment days, and we are booked up for a few months in advance. So just bare that in mind when you are looking at your calendar.

Styled Photoshoot at Burlton Manor
Styled Photoshoot at Burlton Manor

Your appointment

We will then give you a call the week before your appointment, just to clarify that you’re still okay to attend and just have a little catch-up in case you’ve got any questions.

When you arrive at the showroom on the day of your appointment, we ask that you wait in your car in our spacious car park, once everything is ready for your appointment, we will give you a call. Once inside the showroom, we get you relaxed and comfy straight away by asking you to remove your shoes. We want you to be cool, calm and relaxed within our air-conditioned showroom.

We will then introduce you to the team and offer you a glass of Prosecco or Nosecco for those of you who want to keep a clear head. We’ll talk about your exciting wedding plans, your venue and about your thoughts on gowns. We want to make the most out of the time you are with us so if you’ve been shopping already, be honest with us.  Next, we will start looking through our selections.

Initially, we only need to pick four or five dresses for you to start trying on. This is so we can see how you look in a dress, listen to how you feel about the dresses and hear your bridal party’s views as well. As we move through the collections, we will hopefully find you your dream dress.

When we find that dream dress, we will then invite you to take photographs so that your makeup artist, your florist, your hairdresser and even your cake maker can have a view of your gown.

Newly engaged, blog by SCB

Ordering the dream dress

Once we have measured you up to the nearest size of the designer chart, we will order you your dress. Initially, you will pay just half the price of your dress as a deposit.

Now, dresses can take anything between two and six months to actually arrive with us. Once your dress arrives, Emma will write to you, inviting you back in to try on your gown so make sure you keep us up to date with your personal details, we’d hate for you to miss the postman.

When you return to try your dress on, this is when we will ask you to pay the remaining balance of your dress.

At this point you need to have a think where you are going to store your gorgeous gown. You can leave it safely with us for a small additional cost or we can pack it away in a protective bag for you to take home with you.

Time to accessorise

Once you have your dress, it’s time to accessorise, we can look at your shoes, your tiara, a veil, anything that you need extra for that day.

We have an amazing collection of beautiful items for you to look at and try on in the showroom. Everything you need to compliment that gorgeous gown!

Making adjustments

We will then also advise booking the seamstress appointments just eight to ten weeks before your wedding. Now, with our seamstresses, they work independently and you will pay them directly. We have a number of teams we can recommend, but get into their diaries as soon as possible though to secure their services.

We do offer a steaming service just before your wedding to ensure that everything looks perfect! You can then pick up your dress just a day or two before your big day.

Girls, if you have any questions, any queries, you know the drill, get in touch, and come and see us

Newly engaged, blog by SCB

To arrange an appointment, please call us on 01694 771470 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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